Ganton partners with ASI® Group to reinvent washrooms

Ganton gives ASI® Group a washroom makeover.

Washroom design is often overlooked and not held to the same design standard as a conference room or ballroom typically would be—even though the washroom is the most frequently used room in any building.

ASI® Group has everything you need, including washroom accessories, partitions and lockers—all beautifully designed and carefully curated to elevate washroom design.

The goal of this campaign was to become widely known as the basis of design among Architects, Designers, Owners, and Developers, as well as change market perceptions among the customer groups.

Stunning renderings were designed and developed depicting beautiful environments that at first glance look like a ballroom or conference room, but upon a closer look are actually a washroom featuring ASI® Group’s products, accessories, partitions and lockers.

A new web module was developed to educate the market on this transformational way to view these spaces. It provides support and gives specifiers and owners a method to partner with ASI to begin their designs and create washrooms of the future.

Ganton was responsible for strategy, creative, and development for both print and digital promotions, as well as a targeted engagement strategy.

Audiences included were architects, designers and end users.