Construction Specialties®

A completely new holistic digital platform for the global leader in architectural specialties

Debut Construction Specialties®’ (CS) newly repositioned company and brands in a completely reimagined website. The new website needed to support and integrate the new CS brand position across twelve of CS’s product groups, all speaking to different customer groups at all critical points in the selection process.
360º Services:
  • Website
  • Video
  • Content Strategy + Copywriting
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • UX Design + Architecture
  • Faceted Filter + Search Functionality
  • E-Commerce User Experience
visits per day

+ 85%
new customers

Twelve distinct product sub brand modules

An invaluable working tool for all customer groups

Bold Approach

The CS website was completely rebuilt by creating not only a visually stunning website, but one that also contains valuable content, making it an essential tool for all customer groups. A faceted filtering functionality was implemented for all products, empowering customers to find the right product to fit their needs 2x faster than before, which resulted in more specifications.

Guided Selling—Everything needed to evaluate, select and specify products

All the product information you need in one place—purchasing, tracking,
installing and follow-up functions easy, intuitive and convenient.

Compelling and engaging content

  • Visualizers were developed to help customers see and evaluate the product in place.

900,000 unique pages


The site is widely considered the best web platform in the building products industry.

Ganton has helped establish and maintain market leadership positions for our brands for decades. The recent work on our website has been transformational. It is a valuable tool and key differentiator for all of our customer groups.
Julian Stearns, Director of Advertising

Construction Specialties®