What do others have to say?

If you are advertising a product that goes in or on a home or building, hire Ganton.
Jeff Brown, VP Marketing
Showing Fidel Castro smoking our Honduran cigar was ingenious, attention getting and humorous. Everyone was talking about the campaign. It established Astral® as a top selling premium cigar overnight.
Larry Palombo, President
US Cigar Sales
They are a key strategic partner who has been fundamental to the creation, promotion and establishment of our brand as we evolved from HGP Industries to Oldcastle Glass® to Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®. Ganton has made invaluable contributions in building our brand awareness, preference and competitive advantage.
Ted Hathaway, CEO
Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope®
Ganton has helped establish and maintain market leadership positions for our brands for decades. The recent work on our website has been transformational. It is a valuable tool and key differentiator for all of our customer groups.
Julian Stearns, Director of Advertising
Construction Specialties®
I’ve hired Ganton as my agency of record at three top building product brands. Their deep market knowledge, bold creativity, strategic insights and value proposition are unmatched. Equally important, across these organizations their partnering efforts, and the associated results, helped drive positive cultural change.
Doug Rende, Sr VP Marketing & Technical Services
Tremco Construction Products Group
I appointed Ganton Agency of Record and worked closely with them—they wrote the DNA for the Belgard® brand.
John Kemp, President
Oldcastle® Building Solutions


Over the years, we have won hundreds of major industry awards
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