Reigniting a 100-year-old brand

For over 100 years Williams has been a regional niche leader providing safe, reliable, quality residential and commercial HVAC products.

The goal was to embody the legacy Williams and Phoenix brands under a new master brand while maintaining their long history of providing safe, reliable, and quality HVAC products as well as positioning its brand and latest innovations for today’s market.
360º Services:
  • Research + Discovery
  • Digital Platform/Web Development
  • Messaging, Content + Sales Tools

Bold Approach

A comprehensive audit of the brand’s current position, customer perceptions and identifying how to differentiate it from competitors. Ganton integrated the brand’s equity with a new brand position, content and messaging, visual brand language, sales tools, and a new digital platform. Ganton crafted external communications tailored for distributors, developers, engineers, facility managers, and public utility organizations.


Williams is continuing its legacy and evolving, offering the latest residential and commercial HVAC innovations.