Capture the attention of the most visual
audience of all—graphic designers

How do you promote and inspire graphic designers to use and specify an unheard-of German Paper Mill brand against entrenched domestic competitors with ubiquitous market share and brand awareness?

Bold Approach

You WOW them. Far easier said than done. Paper Promotions have been heralded among the most haughty design cognoscenti, as the penultimate of graphic design assignments. The Creative Brief is typically the same—create a piece so creative, so visually compelling and groundbreaking that designers hold on to them for dear life and, more importantly, pull them out when they are specifying their next incredible printed piece.


And “WOW” is exactly what CA, HOW, Print and many more actually said. Strathmore Paper even selected Visual Absurdities as one of the 10 best printed pieces of the decade. Revenues also said “WOW” from a standing start to a virtual overnight success.