Extend America’s leading organization
brand to the closet

Launch a completely new brand in Closet Organization among all the respective publics: homeowners, builders, big-box retailers, architects, interior designers and contractors. Easy, right?

Forgot to mention, the two behemoth and entrenched competitors were market leaders with nearly saturated market share and brand awareness.

Additionally, after extensive research that included customer interviews, site visits and focus groups, an opportunity emerged. Customers shopping for closet systems found themselves navigating a bay at big-box stores, staring at a multitude of large and confusing boxes, and found an equally frustrating online experience. So how long would their patience last? If they couldn’t figure it out in eight, yes, eight seconds, they went to a different store!
360º Services:
  • Brochure Design
  • Packaging
  • Point-of-Sale
  • Digital Applications

Bold Approach

Create a logical, quick and easy system of packaging, point-of-sale and online tools to not only remove confusion but become a “reason” to purchase Rubbermaid.

Elevate the image of closet systems without elevating the cost and complexity. Enter the Rubbermaid Closet Organization Systems.


Rubbermaid is synonymous with home organization.

If you are advertising a product that goes in or on a home or building, hire Ganton.
Jeff Brown, VP Marketing