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Expansion Joint Covers Promotional Campaign

This promotional campaign was a game changer—up until now CS expansion joints, which are necessary in all buildings, especially in seismic hot spots, help keep occupants safe and keep the building from falling down. And they looked awful. Engineers and Architects tried to use them unsuccessfully until this game-changing campaign. Construction Specialties made it possible to use expansion joints anywhere you need to, with virtually zero visual impact on a building’s design or aesthetic. This award-winning print and digital campaign first ran in 2009 and is continually selected by Architects and their customers as their favorite and most effective campaign to this day.

In addition to the campaign, a revolutionary selling tool was created to highlight Construction Specialties’ (CS) unmatched experience and expertise in solving complex movement challenges with high-profile projects built and commissioned by well-known Architects, Builders and Owners.
360º Services:
  • Strategy
  • Advertising + Promotion
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website
  • Collateral/Sales Support
  • Idea Book

Revolutionary selling tool